If you’ve taken our computer classes, attended the Apple SIG or KK Hour, and participated in our Walk-in Help sessions you will celebrate Catherine Tracy as March Volunteer of the Month. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, welcoming, supportive and endlessly patient to all she meets. She has a passion for sharing knowledge and it shows in all of her many Club activities.

Catherine and her husband Brent moved from Delaware to Sun City in 2004. With encouragement from their life-long friend Honey Burt, they quickly joined the Computer Club. As a retired secondary school teacher, Catherine was drawn to the Classroom and started volunteering as a Class Assistant (CA). While assisting instructors and students in many of our classes she gained the confidence to join the ranks of our computer class instructors, starting with Picasa and other Google Apps, then branching out to include Apple devices. Catherine, along with Noah Rosenstein, worked to revive what was called the Mac SIG.  With the advent of the iDevices the numbers grew and they changed the name to Apple SIG and went from 49 members to almost 1300. She is also responsible for creating and sending Apple NOTES to their SIG members each week.

If this were not enough, Catherine organizes our Streaming lectures, many of the iPhone/iPad classes plus the Walk-in Help schedules. In these and so many ways, Catherine is quietly working behind the scenes for our Computer Club. When you see Catherine, please take a minute to acknowledge and thank her for ALL she does for our membership.

As past Chair of the Education Committee it is my privilege and genuine pleasure to recognize my colleague and dear friend Catherine Tracy.

Nominated by Robin Seaver

Interested in volunteering for the Education Committee?

Contact Debbie Dennis at njdebinsc@gmail.com

Interested in volunteering for Help Sessions?

Contact Catherine at cat6898@gmail.com