Would YOU like to learn more about your computer, tablet, smartphone or the latest trends in technology? Why not take a class! With talented Instructors from diverse backgrounds, the approximately 30 classes a month offer a variety of subjects for our members with differing levels of computer savvy. Keeping up with the latest technology, the Education Team has added classes using different instructional techniques each term. Whether it is team teaching remotely from the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Massachusetts; integrating video with live instruction; using a big screen Smart TV to demonstrate streaming or bringing the Free Summer Lecture Series to our members, this group is all about sharing knowledge.

Our Instructors are never paid to teach and do it for the love of the subject matter and a desire to share their enthusiasm about it. In our classes we learn from each other by contributing our technology experiences, trials, and tribulations. We are always looking for knowledgeable Instructors and Class Assistants with new and creative ideas for classes to offer our members.

Have you often wondered who puts our classes together? It’s the Education Committee, chaired by Robin Seaver and her amazing Team. In addition to supporting our talented Instructors, this group is responsible for designing the curriculum; scheduling and publicizing classes. If you would like to join this dedicated group, please contact Robin.

Our Class Assistants add to this classroom experience by offering help to our students during instruction. Judy Raney heads the group of CA’s and does an incredible job finding 3 talented Assistants to support every class offered. The goal is to create a comfortable learning environment for all of us to grow.

Our Classroom is the home to this incredible education program where 12 student PC/MAC computer stations facilitate hands-on learning. The room can also accommodate 20+ people for a lecture class. The Instructor controls what is happening on the big screen using the latest in projection technology so everyone can easily follow the class.

Special thanks to all our Instructors, Robin and the Education Committee, and Judy and the Class Assistants. When taking a class don’t forget to give a BIG thank you to all the Education Team members for all they do to help YOU!

The Education Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays most months. Interested in attending, contact Robin at searobin@gmail.com