The Rasmussen Award is the highest honor for Volunteers in the Computer Club. This year the award was given to Bill Dreyer and Honey Burt for the many contributions they made to our Club over their many years of service. 

Honey Burt: Honey has served as President, Past President and Vice President of the Computer Club;  she has the distinction of serving as a Member at Large on our Board more than any other member in the Clubs’ history; she has been involved in almost every phase of Club operations throughout the years;  she is a classroom instructor, KK presenter and General Membership presenter on a variety of timely topics; she has organized our Annual Club Fair for countless years; she has served as a member on, or chair of, numerous committees, beginning her administrative involvement working with the Class Assistant Program. Honey is currently the Facilities Chair AND Program Chair.

Congratulations, Honey, 2017 Rasmussen Award recipient!

Bill Dreyer: We are recognizing Bill for his organizational leadership and the work he has done to maintain and advance our Volunteer Monitor program for the past 4 years.  Since Monitors are the heart of the Club whose job it is to keep the Computer Center open for our members, this is a critical position. He is a true advocate for his group and always concerned with issues they face.  In addition – he handled and oversaw much-needed revisions to the Monitor’s Handbook; generated ideas to encourage others to volunteer as monitors for our Club; including promoting the Volunteer of the Month Program. He maintained the monitor’s calendar and when necessary arranged for a last-minute replacement to keep the Open Room, open. As you would imagine, if no one was available, Bill jumped in so that a class or other activity could occur. Amazingly he did all of this with a smile on his face, an easy-going, and a wonderful sense of humor. Congratulations, Bill, 2017 Rasmussen Award recipient!