Our SIG is in Danger of Disbanding if we do not have a Chairperson or Co-Chairs (as many as 3 or 4) by our January meeting.  Without leadership we cannot meet. If you would consider one of these positions please: Click Here

Where did I come from…?

The Genealogy SIG welcomes all members of the Computer Club to join them in a quest to discover their family’s history through records and stories. During our monthly meetings we will discuss Genealogy skills and resources. In addition, small group discussions are coordinated to address specific Genealogy topics and issues. Come join us the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm at Hidden Cypress, September thru May. So let’s get started. We will help you discover where you came from and how to record it for future generations.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, November 1, beginning at 7 PM in Hidden Cypress.  The topic will be “Family Tree Maker”.

Subscription websites such as Ancestery.com, Family Tree Maker, Fold3, and Newspaper Archive are available at the Computer Club. There are numerous other Genealogy websites and journals available in the Computer center.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this group please contact the host: Click Here

If you are looking for resources for genealogy: Click Here

Scheduled events for future months are: January: Interactive Program (Norma Stewart & Alex Whan), February: Civil War Roots (Nancy Burke), March: Irish Roots (Debra Roberts) April: DNA, How to Use Finding (Jan Alpert), May: Genealogy Travels (The Karvitski’s)